Holiday Hair: Halloween Inspired

Okay ladies and gents, this season is all about manifesting your fierceness in an obvious and fun manner.  Halloween provides the opportunity to be as wild as you want with the perfect excuse.  For the most part, being bold and taking risks are deemed appropriate.  You may still receive an occasional side eye but hey, haters gone hate right?  Here are some ways you can let your hair make a statement.  These looks will absolutely turn heads and take your costume to the next level.



Holiday Hair: Halloween

Blonde Locs

This platinum blonde look is giving a nod to the phrase “white hot winter”.  Even though it’s the beginning of fall, you can set the tone for the upcoming season by proclaiming it to be a fierce one.  These platinum locs are sure to inspire strength and make any costume pop.









Holiday Hair: Halloween

Goth MoHawk

Now this gothic rainbow Mohawk isdefinitely an “in your face” wild wave of excitement.  The strong hold screams I’m in chargeand I came to party.  I say play it up with some faux gagesfrom and turn this rocker chic andfestive with a costume that contrasts the hair.









Holiday Hair: Halloween

Exaggerated Goddess

This look is for the whimsical.  It is soft and romantic, yet big and in your face to bring the drama. Want to bring something new to the tired fairy/angel theme?  Grab a teasing comb and be ready for tons of compliments.









Holiday Hair: Halloween

Purple Mystic

Bright color and bold braids make this halloween hair a yes.  If you want to bring it, I recommend giving this a try, oh and yes with those contacts. I’ve never played world of war craft, but this look is definitely representing cyber geek chic.









Written by Guest Contributor Lauren M. Ettson-Holding


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