Every woman knows that after you get that fresh hair cut, latest hair style, new hair color and/or fresh mane.ediTSlooking weave (extensions) there is a natural pep in your step and sway in your hip that follows.  This
energetic boost that produces a glowing smile comes from knowing that you have just enhanced your own natural beauty and you know you are looking your best.  The idea is universal, when you look good you feel good too!

I am Tracey, a licensed cosmetologist whomane.ediTS enjoys making women, like yourself, look and feel their best.  As a cosmetologist and having a genuine interest in hair care, I like to think of my craft as a gift and an art form.  Through hair, any woman can express their true self and I enjoy helping women achieve a healthy look that best suits their personality, style and most importantly their face shape.

I created this blog as an informal avenue for me to share my passion of cosmetology, share hair knowledge/tips that every woman would benefit from and to promote healthy hair care.  Thank you for visiting mane.ediTS and I hope you learn something new that will help you get the most out of your next experience in the salon chair, in addition, help you edit your current hair regime and next hair style.


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