Holiday Hair: “Hair” I Want For Christmas


Season’s greetings folks!  As we venture into the end of this year and celebrate the Christmas Holiday, mane.ediTS would like to encourage you to explore some soft voluminous curls!  This look, no matter the specific length or cut, never falls out of style.  This is a great way to look timeless in all the Christmas family photos and to have a fuss free do.  Pair the look with a cute holiday sweater or with a classic knee length dress or skirt to compliment these locs easily.  This look is also versatile in texture so, whether you’re a kinky curly girl or a girl with relaxed tresses, give this style a try.  A fresh face with either a bold lip or eye is sure to make these waves pop.  No matter if you’re cuddling up with your cutie under the mistletoe or key-keying with family and friends, you look flawless and appropriate for whatever comes your way!  Unwrap the gift of self confidence with this old faithful style and bring Christmas cheer to those around you.  Merry Christmas!


Christmas Hair

(Left to Right): Carrie Underwood (Singer), Natalie Portman (Actress) and Tracee Ellis Ross (Actress)



Written by Guest Contributor Lauren M. Ettson-Holding



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  1. Shelia Ettson says:

    Ever proud of my beautiful and talented daughter.

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